2015 UK Stone Trip

Data 2015/SEP/2-17
Place UK,Wales,Scotland


Mid Night flight

It's the first time to use Qatar Airline

Inside the aircraft is all purple that Qatar Airline color

flight navigater

Arrived at Qatar

There are no people in the early morning lobby

Airport was covered in mist

Go to Manchester UK

UK is covered in Green color

8 hours trip

Change sim card

Hire car is my foot and bed

Small car is good!

My dinner

Sunset coust in Wales

Post is red

Red ribbon

I need to stay at the hotel for charging

Many many sheeps

Night time is fun time

A quiet night at a foreign country

apples apples !

My favorite car tricycle

A historic building transforms into a hotel

beer Beer

Crafted beer

kebab food

Go to Scot'

Many Many Cow

fountain on the bird

What this

War is over

Deep mountain

A sheep surprised

My navigater

Good bye sheeps

Green post

Sleep cows

Good Ad

The stone has the Beautiful Gift

If you do not have a blue part, you will have an electric shock

Today is bike race day

Unknown town

Good beer

Morning Glow

Use money By this machine

Beautiful pub

Night is beer time

Many craft beer

Pub is beer

My dinner

About 4,000km trip

Got ticket

Manchester Town

Old lock gate

under cover road

What's ?

Last night I drunk Beer

Good AD

There are lots of interesting tricks on the road

Good Coffee shop

Good Tram

Back to the airport

very tired to trip main town

I go to JAPAN at early morning

All Bag weight at only 20kg

Since it is an early morning flight, many chairs are vacant

Blue Color inside

Back to Doha


Thank you my trip