How to walk to the Bryn Cader Faner in wales

In 2015 summer I walked to the bryn cader Faner.
This stone circle is very beautiful,but it's very hard to close this.
So I reported my record.

First corner to drive a car

Climb a road to the car park

Old gate was broken

End of the road
Car park zoon

Right side of the car park
A gate to the bryn cader Faner

Climb a mountain road

fork in the road
You go Left side

This crossroad point was easy 

Road was very wet

So you need Rain Boots or Mountain Shoes

You go on the stone bridge

This point is the lowest point on this mountain road
So all road is very wet

You go climb mountain road

You can see first gate
You climb a ladder on the left side

After that 2nd gate is on your road
You climb right Ladder

You can see signpost on a ladder

You go on the green grass road

You can go green grass road beside stone wall

After that you go cross point at the most difficult place
Green grass road was led you right side

But right side is mistake

You go left side beside stone wall!
Left road track is unclear

Immediately following you can see signpost left side
you go straight road

After that second difficult point
You can see crossroad beside stone wall
Main road bring you right side to the small mountain

But right side road is mistake!

You go to left side road
You can see small stone bridge on your left side road
This road is correct

These difficult points are all turn LEFT
beside a rock wall

So you go mountain road beside stone wall on your left side all time.
Double difficult crossroads is very hard!

After that your road bring you right side
Stone wall that led to you is goodbye

You climb 

At last you climb up high flat field
Long trail is start!

This road is wrong road
If you go right turn in ton the first cross point
you find this wet road
This road is WRONG! 

If you go on the wrong road
first wet and second you can see rock wall on your right side

And you go on the road beside mountain on your left side

At last you can see lake
All road is wrong
You go on return road or up go on light road

This road is correct
You can see large field on your right side
and small hill on your left side

go straight field track

But this track is very wet

Go straight

Track is very easy to trace

Road on the rocks

Small rock bridge

You can see small stone circle on your right side

Go on

Go on beside signpost

Long straight road

You walk to 20 minutes on this road
you can see Bryn Cader Faner on the hill of your front side

Bryn Cader Faner is very small

And your road is very wet
So you go on large stone plate

You can see a artificial bridge

Many many sheep

You have to change your track
You go right small track toward the Bryn Cader Faner

easy track

Long track is closing soon

At last you arrive your Bryn Cader Faner

Wonder this point is service area in my mobile phone

This circle on the slope field

You can see tomb in the ciecle

Beautiful and quiet time

Round trip time
Go 1 hour
Back 45 minute

Need rain boots or fierd shoes